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Learn About Us!

I Got Your Six is a non-profit organization, located in North Carolina dedicated to giving back to the men and women in law enforcement who selflessly serve our communities daily!


Our Mission

"To perform random acts of kindness to law enforcement officers throughout North Carolina, to ensure they know they are loved and appreciated for all they do within their communities."

Our Vision

"To build relationships with law enforcement officers and their communities through random acts of kindness, fundraising events and emergency service outreach."


What We Do

Donations are used to collect various items for appreciation goodie bags that are delivered to agencies around the state. Each bag is unique in that the contents seasonally and annually vary and are made to be kept in their patrol cars for long nights, crazy shifts and pick me ups!

Behind the Name

"I got your six" a phrase commonly written as IGY6, is well-known by the military and law enforcement community but for those that don't know, it represents having each other's back!

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