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Chapter 1: How We Got Started

Hi, my name is Janie, and I am the founder of I Got Your Six! Coming from a family of law enforcement, I have always seen the need to show them support through the good times and bad. I Got Your Six was created as a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving back to the men and women in law enforcement who selflessly serve our communities daily.

The idea of I Got Your Six started as a personal project in June of 2020, when the world was turned upside down from all the rioting and protesting. I truthfully didn’t think it was going to be as big as it was that June, and I definitely did not know where it was going, I just knew I wanted to help anyway I could. I put a post out on social media that if anyone wanted to donate $5 for a snack box, we would be putting them together to show our local law enforcement love & support during a time full of hate and what seemed like endless days. I started this project with the thought that it would be great if I got enough donations to make at-least 50 boxes but was so blessed that I ended up being able to donate a little over 400 boxes in June alone!

Since that summer we have been to 20 law enforcement agencies, delivered over 1,600 snack boxes, and now moving into 2022 over 400 appreciation goodie bags. Our goal as an organization is to reach as many law enforcement officers as possible, so that’s where you can help! If you would like to spread some love & appreciation to your local law enforcement officers, please reach out to us via email at or via social media @igotyoursixboxes.

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