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Chapter 5: February Recap

A few days late but February definitely needs to be highlighted!

The Fayetteville Police Department located in North Carolina was the February delivery. The goal is to donate a range of 350-450 goodie bags each month and Fayetteville received a total of 386 delivered this past Monday!

In addition to our delivery, some fun new things have been added to the organization. A "DIY Appreciation Goodie Bag Box" has been added to the shop for you and your family to make the goodie bags yourselves and keep them in your car/bag to distribute to officers you may see around your community. The IGY6 Richardson 112 Trucker Hat with the 2021 blue line logo was released on the website, along with 4 new stickers designs. A Shotbox was purchased, so all the I Got Your Six products can be displayed in a more professional manner for your viewing. Plus, there are new informational postcards and business cards to distribute to help spread the word. So, if you/anyone you know owns a business and would like to spread the word about a non-profit in North Carolina that LOVES to give back law enforcement officers, please email me at and we will get you some of our promo materials!

If you haven not yet had a chance to view our February Delivery Day video on social media, click on the button below for your favorite platform to give it a view and let us know what you think!

Thank you for your support!

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